The metasearch opportunity for your brand is huge. We cover what you need to know.

How It Works


A view of metasearch advertising from the digital marketing executive's perspective.

Future of Metasearch


Where things are going, what innovations you need to be in front of, and how to win in 2017.

What you'll find inside

This guide was developed specifically for digital hospitality marketing executives and stakeholders responsible for metasearch performance. Our hope is to share the knowledge that we’ve gained working with some of the top hospitality brands in the world and by doing so, help executives develop their own playbooks and strategic plans.

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28 Pages  |  41+ Tips and Proven Tactics

"We're excited about the space and this piece from Koddi frames up exactly why. A recommended read for any digital marketing executive in the travel space."

Bradley Wilson
Chief Marketing Officer, Travelocity

Optimizing Metasearch at Scale

The ins and outs of multi-million dollar metasearch campaigns
 with insights from the leading bid platform in the space.


Team Organization

A look at the shift in metasearch management responsibilities and how to structure for performance.



How to leverage metasearch marketing platforms to drive the best results at scale.

Best Practices


The key management practices that we've helped develop and hone on the top digital campaigns.

"Koddi's view into the metasearch space and advanced optimization practices is unprecedented. We're using the content in this e-book to plan for 2017 and beyond."

David Gong
Head of Marketing, PMG

"Koddi is far and away the leader in this space. They have been out in front of the evolving metasearch landscape since its inception and have maintained their lead through insights, vision and proactive leadership. This whitepaper is a must read for all travel marketers.”

Jill O'Brien
SVP Media, Digital Marketing Works

"Koddi's forward thinking approach allows our clients to flourish. This ebook will help marketers stay ahead of the trends and grow business."

Jacob Davis
VP, Search Marketing Director, HAVAS

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